Sweet 16 Party Ideas For A Boy

Boys can have 16th birthday parties that create lifetime memories

Sweet 16 birthday parties are normally reserved for girls. When a girl turns 16, it symbolizes the beginning of her path to womanhood. However, boys are no different in that turning 16 is a momentous occasion. While they may be very different in nature, a boy’s Sweet 16 party can help him start off on the right foot to manhood. Turning 16 for a boy probably will not involve getting a facial and spa treatment or hanging out at the mall. A 16th birthday for a boy, though, should be just as special. Does this Spark an idea?

Paintball Party

Have your active teenager’s party at a paintball range. If it has a facility for parties, you can have pizza, cake and ice cream there before or after the boys play. If there is not a party room, plan for the boys to play paintball for an hour or two and then come back to your house for food, cake and presents. There might not be anything sweet about shooting each other with paintball pellets, but the boys will have something to tell their friends after it is over.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt starts at your home with food and drinks so the boys will have plenty of fuel. Depending on how many birthday guests there are, the boys can get in one or two vehicles to follow the scavenger hunt clues. Plan the scavenger hunt stops at places the boys like to frequent such as the mall, video game store and sporting goods store. At each stop, leave a present for the birthday boy and a clue to direct the group to the next location. After the hunt is over and all of the boys are back at your house, have cake and ice cream and give the scavenger hunt participants a small present like gift cards.

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Play Ball

Plan a party at a professional sports stadium. Even if you do not live in a city with a professional sports franchise, a day-trip birthday party can be entertaining. Take your teen and his friends to the stadium for a game, treat them to whatever concessions they want and buy them a souvenir from the home team. After the game, take the boys for ice cream on the way home. A gift for this type of 16th birthday party that is sure to please the birthday boy is an autographed piece of memorabilia from his favorite player.