Switch The Spyder Pilot To Tournament Mode

You must switch your Spyder Pilot paintball marker to the right mode to compete in ranked events.

Enabling the tournament mode on a Spyder Pilot paintball marker is mandatory when participating in ranked tournaments. While in normal mode, the Spyder Pilot paintball marker — also known as a paintball gun — allows you to switch to different modes which, for examples, affect the rate of fire. In tournament mode, players are only allowed to use the default semi-automatic mode, and switching to alternate modes is impossible. You can switch the Spyder Pilot to tournament mode by removing a specific jumper.


1. Place your Spyder Pilot on a flat surface and remove the three screws on the right side of its grip by using the Allen wrench supplied by Spyder.

2. Lift the panel that protects the right side of the grip.

3. Remove the red jumper, which is to the right of the battery.

4. Replace the panel and screw the three screws in with the Allen wrench.

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