Tac 5m Paintball Gun Adjustments

Paintball’s appeal is the ability to personalize the paintball marker.

The TAC-5M Recon paintball marker by JT is a great entry level marker for the scenario and woods ball player. The marker has been re-engineered to resemble the legendary Tippmann Custom 98 in look, feel and firing cycle. The improvements have lifted this marker out of the economy level into a position which will compete with much more expensive paintball markers.


Cosmetic Adjustments

1. Decide on a budget for the project. The upgrades available for paintball markers are almost limitless. Knowing a budget can simplify the decision-making process.

2. The TAC-5M Recon is a military simulation marker with built-in accessory mounting rails. Parts which can be added to the marker for cosmetic adjustments include longer barrels, barrel shrouds and bi-pods. The rear of the marker will accept a stationary, folding or adjustable shoulder stock. Most players want to add a drop forward and on-off valve to the air supply system for better balance.

3. High performance cosmetic adjustments include scopes, laser sites and barrel-mounted flashlights for night play. The marker will also accept a cosmetic M-16 style ammo magazine

4. A remote air supply hose can be added to the marker’s air supply fitting. This coiled hose allows the player to carry the compressed air tank in a vest or pod pack carried around the players waist. By mounting the tank in a vest of pack, the JT TAC-5M is lighter and easier to carry.

Performance Adjustments

5. Two simple upgrades will significantly improve the accuracy and rate of fire of any paintball marker. The first is a barrel. The barrel’s length will not affect the accuracy of the marker, but the barrel’s quality will. High performance, multi-part barrel kits are available from many manufacturers. Micro-honed ceramic barrels are produced as are rifled barrels, which give the paintball the truest trajectory.

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6. The second performance upgrade is a motorized loader. By adding a motorized loader, the paintballs load into the marker faster, enabling higher rates of fire. The motorized loader also prevent paintballs from jambing as they enter the marker, eliminating misfires and virtually eliminating “ball chopping” in the firing chamber.

7. Finally, the amount of air used by the marker during the firing cycle will adjust the speed at which the paintball flies toward a target. The TAC-5M has a speed adjustment screw on the side of the marker body. Make sure to follow manufacturer instructions on adjusting the internal air pressure and follow field regulations for maximum FPS settings.