Tactical Weapons Training

Common tactical weapon.

Most people think of the military when they think of tactical weapons training, however, many civilians and law enforcement officials are becoming proficient with tactical weapons as well. This is to meet the needs of the society to be safe in a time where terrorist violence is on the increase from both outside and internal sources.

Who Gets Trained

All military and most law officials are trained in tactical weapons. This is to ensure their safety and to assist in the capture or termination of their enemies. In addition, body guards and diplomatic security agents also receive tactical weapons training to assist in the protection of their employer or client. There are some civilians who have learned tactical training for their personal pleasure and information as well, although this is rare.

Obtaining Training

There are schools set up around the country that offer tactical weapons training. These are not online schools as it is impossible to teach the techniques needed to handle heavy weapons and tactical weapons without hands-on education. These schools do ask for a criminal background and a drug screening. In addition to this, psychological examination may be necessary to ensure the safety of the student, fellow students and teachers. The length of training often depends upon the school and can range anywhere from a week for refresher courses to several months.

Personal Requirements

Tactical weapons training often requires quite a bit of physical strength and endurance. It is recommended that the individuals seeking training be in good physical condition. In addition, it is necessary that the individual seeking training has a steady hand and is willing to listen to all instructions. Compliance with the safety and behavior standards set by the school are necessary for the safety of the student, those around the student and the instructor.

Financial Aid

Most tactical schools do not offer financial aid to their students. However, if the student is part of a company requiring tactical weapons training, often times the company will pay for the education. The military and law enforcement officials are often trained in tactical weapons as a part of their education and therefore are not responsible for the cost of the class.

Job Perspectives

Those who specialize in tactical weapons have several options of employment after the completion of the training. Body guards and diplomatic protection specialists frequently have completed tactical weapons training. In addition, the military may hire a tactical weapons specialist to assist in the training of new recruits and the same goes for the law enforcement fields. Service agents often have completed tactical weapons classes to work in the FBI, CIA or Secret Service.