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What Is Ramping On A Paintball Gun

A paintball marker capable of ramping. Most paintballer players want guns that shoot as rapidly and accurately as possible, and paintball "marker" technology [...]

Paintball Trigger Speed Games

Paintball Trigger Speed Games Paintball trigger speed games are free arcade games online that allow you to test the speed of your fingers by clicking your [...]

Set A Tippmann X7 To Turbo

Tippmann X7 Phenom and X7 Phenom Mechanical paintball guns were designed with multiple firing modes, which allows you to customize your paintball gun according [...]

Operate A High Pressure Spyder Electra

Head and eye protection is essential when playing paintball. Paintball guns or "markers" have evolved significantly since the first hand-held paint marker was [...]

How Does An Electric Paintball Hopper Work

Paintballs Electric paintball hoppers are an integral part of your paintball gun setup. These hoppers agitate and move paintballs, resulting in a higher rate [...]

Cheap Paintball Guns That Are Fully Auto

A top-of-the-line paintball gun can be expensive; beginners may wish to invest in a cheaper one. A fully automatic paintball gun is releases many continuous [...]

About Diablo Paintball Guns

Diablo is a brand of paintball equipment that is well known for its line of mid-level priced automatic and semi-automatic paintball guns. They have several [...]