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Youth Paintball Sets & Equipment

Paintballer in action Paintball has been steadily growing in popularity over the past few years. This fast-paced sport has a huge variety of equipment and [...]

What Is Psp Mode On A Paintball Gun

PSP mode is only available on some paintball guns. Some paintball guns come with more modes than others. The PSP setting is a multiple-shot option only [...]

What Is An Egrip On A Paintball Gun

The purpose of an e-grip is to shoot more paintballs E-grips are a popular new feature on many paintball guns. These special grips are available on both very [...]

Buy Paintball Guns

Paintball Team Many people who start playing paintball games rent their equipment. But as they gain more experience and find themselves playing more [...]

Types Of Paintball Tanks

Paintball tanks typically mount on the rear of a paintball weapon. Paintball tanks store the gases used to fire paintball guns. These tanks allow quick [...]

The History Of Paintball Guns

Three decades later, paintball guns are becoming popular gifts for the extreme sport fan. At the heart of paintball is the paintball gun, also knows as [...]

Speedball & Paintball Rules

Paintballs Paintball has been gaining in popularity since it was invented. This sport involves shooting paintballs, which are small balls filled with a water [...]

Scenarios For Paintball Games

Scenarios for Paintball Games Paintball is a sport that involves a paintball gun loaded with thin plastic coated balls filled with different colored paint. In [...]

Paintball Tanks Hpa Vs Co2

Paintball CO2 and compressed air are two types of air sources for paintball guns. These air sources are available in metal cylinders that attach to the rear [...]

Types Of Paint Gun Weapons

Types of Paint Gun Weapons Paintball combat, whether in the speedball or woodsball format, is a popular recreational activity. Paintball guns have come a long [...]