Take A Gun Away From An Attacker

Take a Gun Away From an Attacker

If you ever find yourself with a gun in your face, you may be forced to disarm your attacker. The following steps will show you accomplish this challenging task.


1. Remain calm when faced with an attacker. Breathe slowly and deeply so you can think with a level head.

2. Look your attacker in the eyes and try not to show fear.

3. Turn your shoulders so they are diagonal to your attacker, with your right side away from the attacker if you are right-handed. Reverse if you are left-handed.

4. Balance your weight so that it is equal on both legs and your knees are slightly bent. Don’t tense your body.

5. Grab hold of the barrel of the gun with your dominant hand and quickly pull to the side so that if the gun goes off, the bullet will not hit you. Pull it downward and hold it there. Do not grab the attacker’s hands or the handle of the gun.

6. Punch the attacker in the face to stun him into giving up the gun or kick him in the groin or the knees.

7. Place your other hand underneath the weapon and wrap your fingers over the back where the hammer is while keeping your other hand on the barrel. Quickly twist the gun all the way around to break the attacker’s finger on the trigger. Take the gun from the attacker’s hand.

8. Back up quickly to keep distance between yourself and the attacker once you have the gun.

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