Take A Paintball Gun Apart

You may need to disassemble your paintball gun for several reasons–for instance, to store it after use or to clean it properly. You can follow certain general procedures to take apart a paintball gun, but checking with your paintball gun manufacturer for model-specific variations in the process is important.


1. Place the safety of the paintball gun to the “On” position. Once the lock is secured, remove the CO2 air source and unload any paintballs that may still be inside.

2. Remove the hammer of the paintball gun by pulling the strip pin in the middle of the receiver. Once the strip pin is engaged, slide the hammer out of the marker while grasping the grip of the structure.

3. Remove the trigger frame. Most paintball guns have two screws in the frame that you need to remove: one in front of the trigger and another behind it. Once you remove these, the frame should pull away from the rest of the frame easily.

4. Locate and remove the screws that hold the pump together.

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