Take Apart A Tippmann Custom Pro

Paintball gun

Taking apart your Tippmann Custom Pro paintball gun to properly clean and lubricate it is quite easy and takes very little of your time. In fact, the Tippmann Custom Pro is designed to be easily taken apart, both in the field and at home. Always work on a flat surface and have a place to put individual parts once you remove them from the gun.


1. Remove the air tank and all paintballs from the Tippmann Custom Pro. Unscrew the air tank from the rear of the gun and pull off the paintball hopper from the top of the gun. Point the gun in a safe direction and shoot until the gun does not recock; this will ensure that the paintball gun is safe to work on and take apart.

2. Remove the barrel and tank adapter from the gun. Twist the barre counterclockwise to unscrew it and remove the tank adapter by unscrewing several screws under the trigger frame.

3. Screw the velocity screw into the gun. It is located halfway down on the left side of the gun between the Tippmann and 98 Custom lettering. Use the Allen wrench from the Tippmann Custom Pro toolkit and turn clockwise until it cannot be turned further.

4. Unscrew all bolts on the left side of the gun with the Allen wrench from the Tippmann Custom Pro toolkit. Turn each screw counterclockwise. Carefully remove the left side of the receiver, which is the body of the gun, by lifting it and separating it from the right side.

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5. Remove the end cap of the Tippmann Custom Pro by pulling it out. This will allow you to remove the drive spring guide pin and the drive spring, which can both be removed by pulling them out of the gun. Also disconnect both the linkage arm and front bolts by pulling them apart, then slide the front bolt off the power tube. Pull the linkage out of the gun; there are no attachments or screws holding it in place.