Take Care Of Paintballs

Proper paintball storage is something that is easy to overlook. After playing a long, intense game, it’s tempting to throw your leftover paintballs into a dark corner of the garage and forget about them until the following season. However, to keep your paintballs ready for your next game, you should spend a little time storing them properly. If you don’t, you may experience performance problems such as premature breakage.


1. Put your extra paintballs in a sealable plastic bag and tightly seal it.

2. Store your paintballs at a moderate temperature. You want to avoid extremely hot or cold temperatures, which can have adverse effects on the paintballs. A range of 60 to 80 degrees F is a good rule. Cold temperatures can make your paintballs hard and brittle, while hot temperatures can cause them to expand and deform. Store them inside at room temperature.

3. Keep paintballs protected from the elements. When playing and storing your paintballs at home, keep them out of sunlight, rain, snow and other adverse weather elements. Keep them sealed in a bag or container.

4. Avoid storing paintballs in very humid or arid conditions. Humidity can have a negative impact on both the shell and paint. In an article published on the Paintball Trade Association’s website, optimal humidity is cited at 40 to 50 percent. If you don’t actively measure humidity, just avoid placing the paintballs in areas that are particularly moist, like the basement, and keep them in a regular room.

5. Store the paintballs so that they lay flat. Flip them over once a week or so to prevent dimples or damage to the shell.

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6. When playing, keep paintballs out of the sun and stored at around room temperature. Leave extras in their sealed container. If it’s particularly cold, keep extra paintballs inside a warm building or car to protect them from the cold. Similarly, find a cool place to store them on hot summer days, such as an air-conditioned room or inside a cooler with ice packs.