Tank Building Games

In video games, as in reality, the tank is a large and fearsome contraption–to its enemies. There are a few different kinds of tanks, used for different things, and there are some games which allow you to build a tank of your own and either overcome an obstacle or defeat an enemy.

Tank Types

The standard tank is a metal vehicle, heavily armored. Not all of the tanks used in these games are the typical materials, such as “Bubble Tanks” which uses tanks made out of soap bubbles. These tanks roll over the leftover bubbles from enemy tanks and take on their bubbles to become larger and more powerful. “Dinowaurs” uses tanks which are actually built out of massive dinosaurs. You choose your dinosaur and its color scheme, and then choose the weapons attached to it.


Tanks in games are often seen on the ground, but that can also be just a starting point. The dinosaurs in “Dinowaurs” cross a rocky terrain to rain doom on enemy villages. “Bubble Tanks” takes place inside giant bubbles, and “Orbital Decay” takes a different approach to the concept: the tank you control is in space, with a large turret gun. You must repair the damaged spacecraft, build and upgrade weapons and drones (infantry) to keep the enemies away from your vehicle.

Puzzle Solving

Part of the tank’s prowess is its ability to traverse a number of terrains. Some games focus mostly on the tank body building, testing different ways to make the vehicle cross a generated landscape. “Fantastic Contraption” and “Crazy Craft” are two such games, where you have a blank building canvas and a number of parts to construct the vehicle. “Fantastic Contraptions” have to cross a piece of land to reach a goal area. In addition, to complete some levels in “Crazy Craft,” you get weapons to clear some obstacles.


In many games, you will look at the vehicle from the top or sides, so that you can see what you have built in action. This is one variation of what is called ‘third-person’ perspective in gaming. There are other games which have a wider perspective, which is called pull-out or god view. “Build Castle” and “Battle Gear” are two of these games. You have to strategically build tanks and other weapons and deploy them to the correct locations on the field. “Build Castle” is a top-down perspective, and “Battle Gear” is a side-view, which you can control to see the entire battle.