Team Outing Ideas

Get employees out of the office by organizing a team outing.

Say thank you to your employees with some time out of the office together. Positive relationships built while in the office help productivity and enhance bonds between co-workers. There are several options for team outings that can be held indoors or coordinated as an outdoor event. Planning a team outing encourages inter-office support and nurtures staff relationships.


Organize a group outing at the local bowling alley. Mixing staff together, where some folks may enjoy one another’s company and some may not, is a great way for building team spirit. Playing on a team where everyone has the same goal teaches employees about beginning a project and finishing one together.


Plan a day or an afternoon where everyone can compete in a friendly game of paintball out of the office. Paintball provides a perfect opportunity for employees to work together as a team if they want first place. You can have several teams or just two depending on how many employees play. Paintball requires that players be proactive and use strategy every step of the way.

Sports Events

If the company budget allows, purchase tickets so everyone on the team can attend a sporting event, such as a baseball, football or hockey game. Some arenas offer discounts when arranging for a group. Going together as a group to cheer on the local team is exciting for employees and allows them time for being social outside of the office.

Informal Happy Hour

Sponsoring a happy hour at the end of a long work week serves as a stimulating reward for team members. Find a spot close by the office so employees can walk together to the location. Reserve a private room, if one is available, for privacy. Arrange a variety of appetizers for snacking as well as drink specials, and take this time for recognition of team members that are doing excellent work.

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