Teen Birthday Celebration Ideas

Paintball can be a fun and unique birthday event for teenagers

Since teens are often set on celebrating like adults, a challenge for a teenage birthday party is finding ways for the teens to have fun while still staying age appropriate. Mastering that delicate balance can be a success by putting new spins on more adult party traditions and incorporating elements of the birthday teen’s interests. Overall, doing something special and out of the ordinary will help to ensure a memorable and festive birthday party. Does this Spark an idea?

Cocktail Hour

While teens are not of the legal drinking age, that does not mean they cannot partake in a teen-friendly happy hour or two. Make a variety of alcohol-free drinks for the teens, such as strawberry daiquiris, pina coladas or mudslides, and provide root beer. Serve the drinks in fancy, cocktail-style cups and beer mugs. Play popular music and set up small tables and chairs as if in a cocktail lounge.


Let the teenagers live out their sense of adventure through a birthday party at a paintball field. Often paintball fields will rent out the course for an afternoon and evening to a large group. The teens can split into groups and teams and play capture the flag, defend the court and last man standing. Some fields can even arrange refreshments and barbecues for events and large groups, which the teens will appreciate after a long day of dodging paint balls.

Theme Party

Throw a themed birthday party, such as an ’80s themed party where all the teens would come dressed in attire traditional to the 1980s. Play music from the 1980s, and play classic movies from the 1980s like “Sixteen Candles” or “Dirty Dancing.” Have a contest to choose the best ’80s inspired costume. Have the teens perform classic ’80s dances, such as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”