Tell If A Tank Is Co2

From fire extinguishers to paintball cartridges, CO2 is used in many products.

CO2 cylinders, cartridges and tanks all have markings indicating they contain the compressed gas carbon dioxide, or CO2. The gas is used to power paintball guns, air firearms, some fire extinguishers and for home brewing beer. Before inserting a tank or cartridge into your device, be sure you are working with an authentic CO2 holder. Markings often are referred to as hydrostatic markings or tests.


1. Pick up a the small cartridge-tank. Look at the crown, where the nozzle forms, for lettering indicting “CO2”. CO2 cartridges are required to have lettering indicating the tank-cartridge holds the gas.

2. Look for a large yellow triangle with black lining and a black “CO2” in the center on larger tanks. This is an indicator used for larger tanks, often for industrial use.

3. Check large truck tanks for a “DOT-3AL,” the Department of Transportation (DOT) specification for the compressed gas tank. In addition, look for the cylinder identifier such as “B20,” indicating the B as company identifier and the number the poundage of the gas.

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