Tell If Your Airsoft Mags Are Broken

Remove the mag when your gun no longer shoots.

Airsoft is a team sport that is growing in popularity across North America. As in paintball, Airsoft participants shoot each other with plastic BBs using high-powered replica guns designed for the purpose. Before game play begins, players load BBs into a detachable magazine, or mag. These can hold from dozens to thousands of BBs, depending on the type of gun and design of the magazine. However, if your Airsoft magazine is broken, you will not be able to shoot, and you will swiftly find yourself out of the game.


1. Remove the magazine from your gun.

2. Check if your magazine is empty. Most mags have see-through plastic on the sides, but if yours doesn’t, look in the top of the mag where the BBs are fed into the gun. A release mechanism keeps the BBs in the mag, and a spring keeps them pressed against the opening. If you can see a BB, but the tension in the spring doesn’t hold it against the mouth of the feeding tube, your mag needs to be filled. You cannot tell if it is empty by shaking it because some BBs will always remain in the magazine.

3. Fill your magazine. If the BBs fly out as soon as you put them in, the release mechanism is worn and your mag needs to be fixed or replaced. If your magazine is high quality, order new parts at Airsoft sites online. However, if it is cheap, you need to purchase a replacement magazine.

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4. Wind the cog at the base of the magazine. If it spins freely and you cannot feel any tension holding it in place, the spring inside is broken and needs to be replaced. If you can feel tension or the cog will not spin at all, small plastic fragments from the BBs may have lodged inside the loading mechanism, jamming it.

5. Take apart your magazine. Set it on a brightly lit flat surface and remove the screws that hold on the cap. Put them in a bowl or cup so they don’t get lost. Your Airsoft magazine will now split neatly in half. Use a pair of tweezers to remove any plastic fragments that have lodged in the loading mechanism. Replace the spring if necessary. Since every magazine is different, take pictures at each step as you dismantle the magazine so you will be able to replace each part in its proper place and order.