The Advantages Of A Twobarrel Carburetor

A double-barrel carburetor contributes to higher performance.

A carburetor mixes air and fuel in an internal combustion engine. Energy from the fuel is amplified when mixed with volatile hydrocarbons in air. Barrels on a carburetor allow air into the engine manifold as the vehicle moves. The barrel is wide at the outermost and narrows as it closes in to the carburetor to increase speed of airflow. Adding barrels to the carburetor increases the amount of air a carburetor can take in.

Increased Engine Performance

A double-barrel carburetor allows for a higher rate of airflow from the engine. Higher airflow charges the mixture of air and fuel necessary for the higher performance quality. Double-barrel carburetors can be actuated by the accelerator linkage to open sequentially, with the second brought into play once the primary barrel is completely open. This will allow for greater fuel and air mixture, which enhances horsepower and performance.


Two barrels on a carburetor can allow for differentiating intake. Primary and secondary barrels can be of differing sizes and can be calibrated to deliver different air and fuel mixtures. This results in higher volumetric efficiency.

Compact Design

Double-barrel carburetors offer a more compact design than single-barrel units, allowing for more room in the engine compartment for other components.