The Best Birthday Gifts For Men

Go the extra mile and give your man an extra special birthday gift.

Choosing the right birthday gift for your man is essential. It is extremely important that your gift suits him, whatever his interests. There are many options available, and that extra amount of thought you put into selecting his gift will definitely be noticed. Make his next birthday the one he remembers with fondness.

A Literary Gift

If your man is a keen reader, then you can track down an early edition of his favorite childhood book. If his favorite author is coming to town for a signing, phone the store the author is appearing in and arrange for a personal message and a signature to be inscribed in a copy for your man. You could also get him a subscription to a literary magazine, such as “Granta” or “McSweeney’s.”

A Hi-Tech Gift

Make your man the envy of his friends with a gadget for his birthday. This could be something practical, such as an iPhone or an iPad, or something fun like a games console. For a younger brother or a son, you could go for a radio-controlled car or helicopter. Looking through men’s magazines will help you decide on the ideal kit.

A Gift of Adventure

For the man who really has everything, throw caution to the wind and organize an experience gift. The sky is the limit, as there are countless options available, from NASCAR racing and skydiving to paintball and hot air ballooning. If the experience is out of town, then stay in a hotel and take him out to dinner the night before.

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A Stylish Gift

If your man prides himself on being a sharp dresser, then you could arrange for him to spend a day with a personal shopper. He can visit his favorite stores and indulge in a little guilt-free spending. If he feels overworked and overstressed, then whisk him away to a spa for a weekend and pamper him. A watch or a silver bracelet from you will complete any outfit he chooses.