The Best Cz75b Handgun Sights

The CZ-75B is the most widely used handgun in the world.

According to CZ-USA, the CZ-75B is the most prolific handgun in the world among governments, military powers, police and private security agencies. The pistol was designed in 1975 and comes in a variety of sub types. The CZ-75B is a .40-caliber model pistol with a 10-round magazine capacity. It features a steel frame and plastic grips. Although the CZ-75B comes with fixed sights, there are a number of aftermarket sights that can improve the weapon’s performance.

Adjustable Target Sights

The standard factory sights on a CZ-75B are fixed and cannot be moved to adjust for windage or elevation. The rear sight can be removed and replaced with an adjustable sight that can adjust for both windage and elevation. Adjustable sights are most commonly used for target shooting, and are typically not installed on service weapons. Adjustable rear sights are also among the most affordable option, and can cost as little as $45 online at a store like Brownells.

Night Sights

Night sights use a chemical reaction built into green or yellow diodes to illuminate three dots that make up the sight picture. Night sights are more expensive, costing about $100 per set. Unlike adjustable sights, night sights are fixed and cannot be tuned for competition. Trijicon and Meprolite are two of the world’s biggest manufacturers of night sights. Both make models specific to the CZ-75B.

Red Dot Scopes

Red dot scopes are becoming small enough that they fit on the rear sight of modern handguns. Most red dot scopes project an electronic dot onto a screen or tube that allows the shooter to have fast target acquisition and follow-up shots. Red dot scopes usually require a special mount. It’s a good idea to consult with a professional gunsmith to see which models will fit the CZ-75B, and whether any permanent modifications need to be made for it to properly fit the weapon.

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Fixed Three-Dot Sights

Upgrading the standard iron sight with high-visibility three-dot sights is an economical way to improve your CZ-75B. Since the CZ-75 uses a dovetail insert to install the factory sights, many kinds of three-dot sights are available as options. These include bar sights, which include a U-shaped bar in the rear and a single rectangle post in the front, or a “straight eight” alignment in which a dot in the rear and a dot in the front create a figure 8 when properly aligned. Experiment with different types of sights to find one that works best for you.