The Best Gun Magazines

The Best Gun Magazines

There are approximately 84 gun magazines published in the United States with a readership of more than 8 million. Within this genre of magazines, there are specific publications for hunting, general interest, trade, law enforcement and sport shooting. The magazines that make the list of “best gun magazines” are defined as those that have the highest readership and circulation as well as respect within the gun magazine industry.

Guns & Ammo

With a circulation of 600,000 this popular general interest gun magazine is part of the InterMedia Outdoors, Inc., group and is published in part with Handguns Magazine, Rifle Shooter, Game and Fish Magazine as well as Guns & Ammo TV. It focuses on educating and entertaining firearm enthusiasts with facts and user stories about guns.

American Hunter

The National Rifle Association’s (NRA) premiere hunting magazine has a circulation of 1 million, making it the most read hunting magazine in the world. The magazine focuses on the hunting aspect of gun culture and the men and women who take part in it. Articles may range from large-game hunting in Australia to reviewing hunting applications for iPhones.

America’s 1st Freedom

This is NRA’s magazine that focuses solely on news surrounding guns and their owners. The magazine features articles on gun legislation, reports on citizens who stopped crimes through the use of their firearms and regional reports to inform NRA members of events and news in specific areas.

Shooting Times

In 2002, this magazine had a circulation of 200,000, and the magazine continues to be popular with shooting enthusiasts. This magazine features articles describing guns rather than the culture that surrounds them. The magazine belongs to the same media group as Guns & Ammo magazine.

Field and Stream

This magazine covers the hunting culture. While not exclusively focused on guns, they do play a large part in each publication. Field and Stream has a wide readership of over 1 million.

Combat Handguns

This magazine focuses on handguns, reviewing equipment as well as self-defense techniques. This magazine is suited for people who carry guns out of necessity, not as a hobby.