The Best Kind Of Paintball Gun

There are many efficient and accurate paintball guns on the market. However, knowing which type of gun is the best is a hard thing to do. Each brand and gun will have its own advantages and disadvantages. Some will be cheaper, some will have a heavier barrel and some will be more efficient; the preference of these different qualities depends on the user. The Dye NT is the most advanced in terms of accuracy, efficiency and firing speed.

About the Dye NT Paintball Gun

This new and improved Dye paintball gun, researched and developed for four years, is the smallest and lightest Dye marker invented at 1.6 lbs. It has a low pressure system at 130 psi, resulting in a low kick and quieter gun than the average paintball gun.

Its 14-inch aluminum barrel is the ideal length for accuracy and velocity, and with the minimized recoil system of the Dye NT this gun also has increased stability. It is great for tournament play or friendly play; however, its design and qualities make it a gun potentially used by tournament players all over the world.

It can generate 1,500 to 1,700 shots, depending on its bolt configuration, and has a technology to decrease the number of paintballs broken in the barrel. An automatic shutoff system is installed in every gun that cuts off the shot chamber as soon as enough air is released to shoot a ball. This ensures that no air or pressure will be wasted, making it one of the most efficient guns on the market.

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Other Guns

Along with the Dye NT, there are other guns that have proven to be efficient and accurate. Such brand names are Tippman, Spyder and Angel. Each brand has a combination of accurate shooting, high velocity, high efficiency and light weight. According to, when looking to find the best paintball gun or best type of gun, one should look at the accuracy, efficiency, upgrade ability and the value of the gun.