The Best Places For Birthday Parties For Ages 12 & Up

Get your teen’s input to make her party especially enjoyable.

Part of what makes a birthday party enjoyable is the location. Some of the best places to have a teenager’s birthday celebration are locations that provide organized activity, like sports games or laser tag, as well as time for socializing with friends. Thinking about your child’s interests — and getting their input — can help you organize a birthday event that your teen and your teen‘s guests are sure to enjoy. Does this Spark an idea?

Amusement Park

If your son and his friends love riding roller coasters, a birthday party at the nearest amusement park is a great idea. Plan the event as far in advance as possible, so that the parents of your son’s guests can plan accordingly and be aware of ticket prices. In most cases, group rates for party attendees are available. Plan to leave your home early in the morning, so that your son and his guests can enjoy a full day of amusement park activities — you can have all the party attendees meet at your house, and ask a parent to carpool with you. Prepare snacks or a snack lunch for the party, and bring a cake along so you can formally wish your son happy birthday midway through his amusement park fun. This idea is likely best suited for 12-year-olds and young teens (13 or 14).

Teen Club

If your town or a neighboring city has a teen club, arrange to have your daughter’s birthday party there. There are some clubs that are just for teen party-goers over the age of 16 or 18 — reserve a date for your daughter’s birthday celebration, and inquire about catering to see if the club will provide the party food. Arrange to have the birthday girl and her friends in the VIP section, and order nonalcoholic beverages for them to enjoy in between dancing. Ask the DJ to play songs from your daughter’s favorite bands. If the party is coed, invite the girls back to your house after the nightclub to engage in more activities that your daughter would enjoy, like a movie or home spa night.

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Sporting Event

A game that features your son’s favorite athletes is a great way to wish him happy birthday. If he wants a small party this year, invite his friends to a local basketball or hockey game. Depending on the age of the children, you can ask one or two of the parents to accompany you to the game. Be sure to take lots of pictures, and get the best seats possible, so your son and his friends can see the athletes they admire play up close. You can buy his favorite concessions at the game, or take everyone out for dinner afterward.

Paintball or Laser Tag

If your teen daughter wants to have a coed party and loves the outdoors, an outdoor laser tag paintball birthday party is an event all her guests will enjoy. Many paintball locations will offer special deals that will make the birthday party more affordable, like discounted meals for the birthday girl and her guests, or an hour or two of play at a cheaper rate than normal. Arrange to bring a birthday cake in your daughter’s favorite flavor to the outdoor laser tag, and bring a digital camera along so you can take pictures of the guest of honor and her friends for her scrapbook. Paintball locations often offer T-shirts as well, so it’s a good idea to purchase a shirt that all your daughter‘s guests can sign at the party.