The Best Thing To Do If Your Paintball Gun Won’T Recock Itself

A functioning paintball gun is essential for good gameplay.

When playing paintball, your ability to shoot when necessary is essential for an effective offense. Out in the open, the threat of your ready-to-fire paintball gun is a deterrent from opponents carelessly announcing their positions by shooting at you. If your paintball gun won’t recock itself, you have been stripped of your ability to play a good, offensive game. You will need to fix your paintball gun or play defensively. Off the field, examining your paintball gun is less stressful.


1. Take cover if in an active game. You need to assess the reason why your paintball gun won’t recock.

2. Remove the hopper containing the paintballs if you are using a CO2-powered paintball gun. Hold down the trigger. If noting happens, you are likely out of air. If you hear a rapid clicking, this also indicates you are low on air.

3. Go back to the staging area and get a new CO2 canister if your game rules allow for it. Move rapidly from one cover area to another so avoid being hit by an opponent. If your game rules do not allow you to go back to the staging area, avoid being hit for the rest of the game by practicing prudent defensive techniques. Do not stay in one place for too long, and if you are being shot at, move quickly.

4. If outside of an active game, remove the hopper from your CO2 paintball gun. Check to see whether your air is running low by pulling the trigger. If you hear rapid clicking, you are likely out of air. If nothing happens, your gun may be jammed and will need to be examined further.

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