The Best Way To Defog Goggles

Keep your goggles free of fog.

Clear and unobstructed vision is important especially when engaging in activities such as swimming, skiing and snowboarding. Goggles often get foggy due to change in temperature, humidity or sweat, causing blurriness that can put their wearer at risk. Instead of completely taking off your goggles and leaving your eyes unprotected, fix your lenses by defogging them properly.


1. Choose an anti-fog solution that has multiple uses for all types of sport goggles and temperature, thus allowing yourself to defog when in cold, hot or humid environments.

2. Carry anti-fog towelettes in your jacket, backpack or jean pocket. Place them where you can easily access them.

3. Wipe the lenses of your goggles with the towelette before an activity, as often as necessary. Wipe throughout the inner and outer surface of the goggles. If snowboarding or skiing, apply before descending down the mountain to avoid having to stop while on the slopes, which can be dangerous.

4. Dispose of the towelettes properly. If there are no trash receptacles nearby, place the towelettes back in your pocket and throw them away later.