The Best Xmas Gift Ideas For Men

Some men dread opening presents during the holidays. They know they will have to act enthused and overjoyed about a present that they may not like. Don’t let this happen to the men in your life. Some of the best Xmas gift ideas for men are ones that compliment their hobbies, their stomachs and entertainment. Here are some of the best Xmas gift ideas for men to you buy for the men in your life this holiday season.


Nearly all men have hobbies. If you truly want to give a gift that shows the men in your life that you put thought into their gifts, purchase them gifts around their hobbies. Men who watch sports like the gear connected to their favorite players, drivers or teams. Men who are collectors will love receiving new additions for their collections. Other ideas include tickets to a concert or sporting event, new sporting equipment or gift cards to shops that sale paint ball supplies, old books and movies.


Most men love to eat. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a man who wouldn’t smile when they receive a gift that is centered around their stomachs. Great edible Xmas gift ideas for men include homemade goodies such as breads, pastries, candy and cookies. Other options include gift cards to local restaurants, a gift basket packed full of gourmet cheeses, nuts and wine, or a subscription to a cake-of-the month or steak club. Another great edible gift idea is a gift card to a local grocery store.


Great entertainment gift ideas for men include the latest gaming gear and games for the gamer, gift cards to music and movie shops, cigars for the smoker or tickets to a comedy show. Other entertainment ideas include a weekend pre-paid stay at a nearby casino, a free pass for an upscale athletic club or most any kind of electronic equipment.


Many men appreciate a nice piece of jewelry. Jewelry ideas for men include a nice pair of cuff links, an engraved bracelet, an earring stud, or a classy necklace or ring.

Personal Care

Most men could use a bit of pampering. There are many spas that cater to both men and women and some to men only. Gift certificates to these spas make great gifts. Men can use the certificates for massages, nail care, facials and more. Other personal care ideas include gifting a man with a straight razor, his favorite cologne or a silk robe.