The Crosman 622 Specs

The Crossman 622 was an imitation of actual hunting rifles, like the one pictured above.

The Crossman 622 is an air rifle manufactured by Crossman from 1971-1978. Since the 622 was manufactured so long ago, it is currently discontinued but can still be purchased from third party merchants. The 622 is fully air powered, gaining propulsion through CO2 cartridges which Crossman then referred to as “Powerlets”.

Aesthetics and Dimensions

The overall length of the rifle is 40.5 inches, and weighs 6 pounds. The stock of the 677 is comprised of hardwood, with a walnut finish. The barrel is made from solid steel, and is designed to work with right handed shooters.


The Crossman 622 is a .22 caliber side-action repeating pellet gun, which is fed with Crossman Super-Pells. The 622 comes with a detachable magazine, which can hold up to 6 pellets. The muzzle velocity when firing is 375 feet per second, and each .22 pellet weighs 15.5 grains. In addition to this, the Crossman 622 features both rear and front sights, and the front sights can be adjusted for elevation and wind.


From 1971-1978, along with their air rifles Crossman sold CO2 cartridges, which Crossman re branded as “Powerlets”. Each Powerlet can fire up to 30 rounds before a replacement cartridge has to be inserted. Failing to replace the cartridge causes jams, however, and may damage the rifle.

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