The Risks Of Shooting A Gun With A Blank

Replica guns, those that shoot blanks, need to be handled as carefully as a real firearm.

While people understand the dangers that come with using regular firearms, far too many people don’t realize how dangerous shooting a blank gun can be. Starter guns will commonly be used for track events to signal the start of a race, or as props in a play, but these are not toys and should be treated with the same careful attention as regular firearms.

Injury or Death

Blanks comprise of powder which can be harmless from as close as three feet away, but up close the impact can be dangerous or even deadly. While the powder from blanks disperses quickly, if pressed against an object, even the blank will cause devastating damage similar to if an actual firearm was used. On at least one recorded occasion, a student died from misuse of a blank gun being fired at point blank range, as reported by the news station ABC 4 from Salt Lake City. Firing the wrong type of blank with a blank gun also can cause serious injury.

Real Firearm Response

If someone uses a blank gun irresponsibly, shooting it in public or somewhere he shouldn’t, there is always the serious issue and potential of someone using a real firearm to fire back. The police, law enforcement, or even another individual may mistake the blanks for real ammunition and fire back with a real firearm, causing injury or even death.

Criminal Charges

Carrying or showing off a blank gun in public qualifies as a crime in many areas. Local and state laws often have penalties for carrying a blank gun, and any damage or harm that happens to others as a result of even showing the blank gun can make that person criminally responsible for any injuries that occur. Criminal charges can be filed, and in some areas shooting a blank gun in public is considered a felony.

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