The Types Of Guns In Halo 3

Halo 3 is a blockbuster game for the Xbox gaming system. As the Master Chief and his allies complete the levels of the game, he will encounter many guns of Human and Covenant manufacture. Here are the tools he will need to complete his mission and save humanity from annihilation.

UCNS Assault Rifle

This is the weapon the Earth forces start the game with. It may not be the most formidable weapon, but it is reliable and can be used as a club when a player runs out of ammunition.

Plasma Rifle

This long range covenant weapon shoots far and does a lot of damage. This will be the weapon that the master chief uses most frequently, unless the player prefers the plasma pistol.

Plasma Pistol

This weapon operates the same way as the plasma rifle, except it has a lower range. Its chief advantage over the plasma rifle is that it can be dual-wielded.

Energy Sword and Gravity Hammer

These are the melee weapons used by the Covenant. They are not favored by UNCS military personnel, although they can do a lot of damage if wielded correctly.

Spartan Laser

This is a new addition to the game that helps give the Human defenders the edge that they need to win against the Covenant armada.

Rocket Launcher

This weapon needs little description. The rocket launcher fires a missile that has an area of affect rockets at enemy positions.