Throw A 13th Birthday Party

Throw a 13th Birthday Party

Reaching the age of 13 is an important milestone because it signals the beginning of the teenage years. Marking this event with a birthday party can provide the backdrop for a memorable moment for the new teenager. Throwing a 13th birthday party can seem overwhelming if you’re not prepared to face the variety of party planning decisions. Ensure that the 13th birthday party you throw is remembered for all the right reasons. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Keep the scale of the party in mind. Remember that the party is for a 13-year-old and not a 16-year-old. Although the party should be special, it shouldn’t be so awesome that other special parties can’t compete with it. Leave something for the teen to look forward to without compromising current party plans. For example, scale back intentions to invite celebrity guest performers or to travel to distant destinations.

2. Set ground rules prior to the party. This is true for both same-sex and mixed birthday parties. A spontaneous game of spin-the-bottle shouldn’t be your only concern when throwing a 13th birthday party. Establishing a guest limit and a party end time asserts your authority and promotes compliance. A 13th birthday party should end well before midnight unless it’s a sleepover. Since teenagers may attempt to impress others with inflated party details, it’s important to assert your guidance before the party budget is entirely disregarded.

3. Survey the entertainment. Listen to all musical suggestions prior to the party to avoid being shocked at the lyrical content later. Consider compiling acceptable songs into an mp3 player or onto a CD prior to the party. If the party will feature live music or a disc jockey, be sure to communicate what constitutes an acceptable song selection. Examine the ratings of all video games and movies to ensure acceptable levels of violence and sexual content aren’t compromised.

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4. Limit your party time interactions. Although you may be an extremely “cool” party host, this isn’t the time to show off your dance moves or singing ability. Monitor the party from a distance to give the party guests a chance to enjoy themselves. Since teenagers are notoriously sensitive about their social status, the party atmosphere can suffer from an overbearing albeit well intentioned host. Occupy your time in another room and intervene if rules are being broken or if the party isn’t “flowing.”

5. Extend the boundaries outside the house. A multi-location birthday party can give guests the freedom teenagers crave. This is also a way to instill responsibility and assess public behaviors. A planned visit to an arcade or a paintball course can be an interesting way for guys to unwind, while a pampered outing at a day spa or nail salon can be a way for girls to connect. Ensure that a responsible chaperon is present to prevent unruly celebration.