Throw A Clean Bachelor Party

Choose your guest list carefully if you want to keep the party clean.

The stereotypical traditional bachelor party involves celebrating a friend’s upcoming marriage and having some adult fun. This can involve either visiting an adult entertainment facility or having an adult entertainer visit the party. This is not the only way to hold a bachelor party though. Some bachelors might feel uncomfortable with these activities considering their impending marriage. If that is the case, you can have a clean bachelor party and still celebrate the upcoming wedding.


1. Select a group of friends that you would like to have at your bachelor party, and give this list to your best man. Since you wish to have a clean bachelor party, choosing your guest list carefully is important. Some friends that you think will go overboard and ignore your requests should be kept off the list.

2. Choose an activity the groom and his friends enjoy doing. It could involve a local event, or traveling somewhere to get out of town for the weekend. In a clean bachelor party, the camaraderie is important.

3. Visit a favorite restaurant or bar with the bachelor party. This will give you an opportunity to talk and relive some of the times of your lives you have enjoyed together. This is a chance for you to catch up with old friends and to bond with other guests that are at the bachelor party.

4. Play some games with the bachelor party. These don’t have to be the corny party games that are held at some wedding showers and bachelorette parties. Consider playing cards. Just because the party is clean, doesn’t mean you can’t do any gambling. Keep the stakes relatively low, though, so everyone feels comfortable participating.

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5. Make it a memorable night. There are many different ways you can make the clean party a memorable night. This might just involve having a toast together celebrating the bachelor’s upcoming wedding, or it can be something a little more risky. You might all go out as a group and do something you have never done before such as bungee jumping, or make it a day long activity and go sky diving. Doing these kinds of activities will give you an experience to share, even if it didn’t involve hiring a female entertainer or visiting a strip club.