Throw An Awesome Thirteenth Birthday Party

A thirteenth birthday party marks the movement of your son or daughter from childhood to youth. While this age still craves the fun and creativity of more traditional parties, they will definitely have an opinion on what is cool and what isn’t. When you sit down with your 13-year-old, talk about who should be invited, what kind of party it will be, where it will be held and most important, the budget for the party. Involving your child in the party planning will show that you feel he is old enough to take on more of a grown-up role in the process. Here are some awesome thirteenth birthday party ideas that will please both parents and kids. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Host a craft party for a 13-year-old girl and her friends. Pick whatever craft style she’s into, from beading to scrapbooking. Whatever her preference, organize the party around that activity. Incorporate the craft into a theme, such as a ’60s party for tie dying T-shirts or a spa night with homemade lotions and soaps.

2. Allow boys to indulge their inner monster with a monster movie party. Have the birthday boy and his friends prepare for an afternoon of gore. Find someone from the local theater community to come do stage makeup (fake scars, third eyes) or just provide face makeup for the party. Give the boys plenty of props, costumes and a video camera. Let the boys put together a monster movie while you prepare snacks. When it’s finished, pass the popcorn and let them enjoy their creation. You can let this evolve into a monster movie marathon as well for an ideal 13-year-old boy’s party.

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3. Indulge in an extreme adventure party. Thirteen-year-olds are usually game to try anything, so head to the closest laser tag arena, rock climbing wall, ice skating rink, paintball field or water park. The kids will get plenty of thrills and the party theme can be built around the activity. Perfect for all girls, all boys or a co-ed party, an adventure locale will usually be able to accommodate birthday groups with enough advanced notice.

4. Head to the mall for a scavenger hunt party. This is another good co-ed party theme for kids who want to play games that are not too childish. Give each team a list of scavenger hunt items that can be found at the mall, such as a coffee sleeve from the coffee shop, a picture of the group in front of a mannequin wearing something red and a free cosmetic sample. Teams race around the mall (respectfully) to complete the list. The first team to finish gets a prize, and everyone gets treated to a movie to wrap up the party.

5. Keep it simple. Not all 13-year-olds want a big party with a theme and lots of guests. Listen to your child and evaluate her true wants. Perhaps she just wants a few friends to come over for a playoff game barbecue or she thinks it would be fun for her two best friends to come over for a slumber party. At 13, children are sure of what they like and don’t like, so follow your child’s cues and keep it small and intimate if that’s what is desired. Small parties can also include more expensive outings, such as a dress-up fancy dinner and ride in a limo or getting tickets to a sporting event.

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