Tie A Head Wrap

There are times when overworked hair needs to have some rest from braiding or you need to protect your hair from intense elements or dust and dirt while working. These are times to use a head wrap. There are several different ways to tie a head wrap. Does this Spark an idea?


First Way to Tie a Head Wrap

1. Place a long scarf around your head so that your head is in the middle and the scarf is around the hair at the hairline. The ends of the scarf should be hanging off the sides of your head and at your back.

2. Gather the hair together underneath the scarf and twist both ends of the scarf around the hair gently without twisting the hair too tightly.

3. Twist the scarf at the end where the hair ends. Twist the scarf tightly at the end.

4. Bring the twisted end of the scarf up to the back of the head and wrap it around the hair that is covered with the scarf to make a kind of pony tail with the hair and scarf. Remember not to wrap it too tightly-make it loose but not too loose.

5. Tuck the end of the scarf into the underside of the hair. You can also attach it with a pin to the underside of the scarf.

Second Way to Tie a Head Wrap

6. Fold the scarf in half corner to corner.

7. Bring the long-folded end over again until you’ve folded it twice into a kind of rectangle shape.

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8. Lay the folded scarf over the back of the head.

9. Take both ends of the scarf in your hands and pull at the front of the head. Switch the ends by placing the right end in the left hand and the left end in the right hand so the scarf crosses in the middle above the forehead.

10. Bring the ends around the back of the head and switch hands again so that it crosses in the back.

11. Tie the ends into a knot in the front and tuck the ends under the scarf.