Tie A Shemagh

Tie a Shemagh

A shemagh is a method of wrapping a large square bandanna around the head to protect it from cold, UV rays, dust, and sand. It is traditionally worn by Arab men in the harsh climate of the Middle East. It is now commonly used in the United States, and other countries, as a cheap mask for cold weather. Learning tie a shemagh can be mastered after only a few short minutes. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Lay the shemagh out flat in front of you. Fold the shemagh in half corner to corner so that a large triangle is formed.

2. Place the shemagh on top of your head with two of the points hanging over your shoulders, and the third between your shoulder blades. One side should be slightly longer than the other.

3. Wrap the shorter point under your chin and up in front of the other point. Pull the long end across the face, over the nose and mouth, in front of the shorter end. Only the eyes should remain visible.

4. Pull both points of the shemagh together behind the head. They should meet right behind the ear.

5. Tie the two points together with an overhand knot. To do this, cross the points, wrap one over and around the other, and pull tight. The shemagh will now be secured tightly around your head.

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