Tippmann A5 E Trigger Problems

The Tippmann A-5 is a paintball marker powered by CO2, compressed air or nitrogen. It features all-aluminum construction and the patented Cyclone feed hopper, which enables feed rates as high as 17 paintballs per second and a firing rate of eight paintballs per second. The Tippmann E-Grip electronic trigger upgrade adds additional functionality to the standard A-5 trigger. It lightens trigger pull, enables faster shooting and offers a wider variety of firing modes. The E-Grip’s magnetically actuated trigger is more precise and durable than the stock trigger. Malfunction of the E-Grip electronic trigger is indicated if the marker fails to fire when the trigger is pulled.

Safety and Air Pressure

Make sure the safety is off. Verify that the air tank is properly installed and that the tank contains sufficient pressure to fire the marker.

Check Firing Mode

Verify that the firing mode of the E-Grip trigger is not set to “No Operation.” Insert a small screwdriver into the top hole of the two holes in the pistol grip. Turn the mode selection screw one click. Attempt to fire the marker again.

Remove Air Tank

Rotate the air cylinder counterclockwise approximately three-quarters of a turn in the tank adapter to close the pin valve on the cylinder. Point the marker in a safe direction and pull the trigger several times to bleed off residual air pressure in the marker. Unscrew the air cylinder the remainder of the way and remove it.

Check Battery

Push out the two lower receiver mounting pins and separate the E-Grip from the upper receiver. Look down into the E-Grip and make sure the 9-volt battery is properly connected. Test the battery and replace if needed.

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Inspect Wiring

Remove the three screws and the tank adapter bolt and separate the E-Grip halves. Inspect all wiring and connections inside the E-Grip. Make sure no wires are pinched or broken.