Tippmann X7 Specs

The Tippmann X7 is a capable, rugged paintball marker

The Tippmann X7 is a paintball marker manufactured by Tippmann. Tippmann is known for selling rugged, affordable entry level paintball markers. The Tippmann X7 is the most advanced model carried by Tippmann. It is available in several different trim levels and can be highly customized like many of their other paintball markers.

Air Source

The Tippmann X7, like many other paintball markers, is designed to utilize CO2, compressed air or nitrogen. These three different air sources are available in bottled form and can be used on the Tippmann X7 with no modifications. It is recommended to use compressed air or nitrogen though due to their consistency. Both compressed air and nitrogen provide more consistent bursts of air than CO2 does. CO2 air sources can also lead to extra wear on the internal parts of the Tippmann X7.

Paintball Caliber

The caliber of paintball used in the Tippmann X7 is .68. Caliber refers to the size of the paintball. Although most paintball markers utilize .68 caliber paintballs, not all manufacturers do. When purchasing paintballs for the Tippmann X7 it is essential to only purchase .68 caliber paintballs. No other size of paintball will shoot from the Tippmann X7.

Rate of Fire

The Tippmann X7 is capable of firing at 15 balls per second. To sustain this rate of fire, the Tippmann X7 is equipped with a hopper that automatically agitates the paintballs. The hopper holds the paintballs above the marker and allows gravity to feed them into the marker. The agitating portion of the hopper helps prevents paintballs from sticking to each other. This helps promote the high rate of fire.

Effective Range

The Tippmann X7 is capable of firing paintballs more than 150 feet. Since paintballs are extremely lightweight, it is recommended to shoot at targets at a much closer range. Since the Tippmann X7 shoots paintballs at a high velocity, usually around 300 feet per second, it is also suggested to not shoot at targets that are too close. Many paintball fields limit players from shooting at targets less than 10 feet away.