Tips On Airsoft Gun Wars

Airsoft guns have risen in popularity over the past few years, and with them so have Airsoft gun wars. Airsoft gun wars are exactly what they sound like. A group of people, all who have Airsoft guns, shoot at each other in mock battles akin to paintball gunfights.


The biggest tip for Airsoft gun wars? Practice. Don’t enter an Airsoft gun war if you don’t know what you’re doing. Skip the first war, and take the time to practice aiming, quick reloading, and generally just getting to know your gun and how it works. This will save you from spending an entire battle on the ground, being shot at by people who know what they’re doing.


A key difference between a good Airsoft gunbattle and a terrible one is where you hold the battle. Open areas are great, but if you don’t have options for cover, the battle is going to get tiresome pretty quickly. A good mix between running room and places to hide is a guaranteed good time. Also, make sure to designate the area in a way that is clear to fringe people. You don’t want people walking through your battlefield or getting hit by stray pellets.


If someone doesn’t have protective eye gear and padding, they don’t play. Period. It’s not worth the risk of injury. A stray pellet, or even an aimed one, hitting somebody in the eye can blind them. Airsoft guns should not be underestimated. They are firearms, and they can do serious damage if you are not properly protected.

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Don’t Take Cheap Shots

It might be tempting to take cover and snipe at your opponents, but what fun is that? It will aggravate the other players, make you look like you don’t know play and generally just bring everything down. If you are on a team, and your team sets you up in that position, then fine. But, if you just take that post on your own, that’s not good sportsmanship. Run around, dodge, weave, duck and sprint like hell. Not only is it good for the game, but you’ll have a lot more fun than by just hanging back.

The More the Merrier

More people means more chaos, means more fun. Get a large group of people and break everyone up into two, or even three, teams. Make sure your playing area can accommodate the number of people, and then start the war. Four people shooting at each other is fun, but only for a while. Fourteen people shooting at each other? That’s fun that will last much longer.