Tools In Bt4

BackTrack 4 turns your computer into a penetration testing workstation.

BT4 is the fourth edition of BackTrack, a Linux-based penetration testing distribution. You can boot your computer from a thumb drive, CD or your hard drive. BT4 is also available for use as a virtual machine image with visualization software. Many security tools are installed and configured, saving you the time and trouble of installation. Use BT4 for forensics, network inspection, surfing the Internet and penetration testing computer systems.

Internet Tools

Common tools for working with the Internet are provided in this distribution. FireFox, Konqueror and Lynx are Web browsers that you can use to retrieve information from the Internet. Chat with others on the Internet relay chat using the XChat software. Kopete is available for instant messaging communication. Transfer of files is available using either the command line FTP client or gFTP a graphical file transfer tool.

Wireless Tools

Tools for intercepting and analyzing 802.11, RF ID and Bluetooth are included. The AirCrack-NG suite is made up of AirMon, AiroDump, AirSnarf, AirSnort and Airtun to analyze and penetrate 802.11 radio transmissions. Kismet also is available for discovering wireless access points. BTscanner, Redfang, BlueScan and BlueSnarfer are included for intercepting Bluetooth radio signals. Discovery and penetration of RF ID signals is accomplished with the RFIdiot ACG suite.

Information Gathering Tools

Nmap, UnicornScan, Autoscan and Propecia are programs used to discover and map networks. Local network information gathering puts Hping2, Arping and Angry IPScan to work. Obtain information from the Google search engine with Googmail, Goohost, Gooscan and Metagoofil. TheHarvester is useful for collecting email addresses on websites. Use WireShark, Etterape, DSniff and Driftnet to monitor traffic on your local network.

Advanced Penetration Tools

W3af, DirBuster, Web Securify and Skipfish are configured in BackTrack 4 to test a website for potential vulnerabilities. Discover what information is flowing to websites while you browse with the included Paros Proxy, RatProxy or BurpSuite. Use Scapy, Middeler or Nemesis to alter packets en route to network devices for advanced vulnerability exploitation. Crack passwords with the included John, Crunch, Samdump2 or Pyrit.