Transport Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns are used in mock combat simulations that utilize the weapons to fire high-speed pellets at other players. These guns come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each unique to the role that the airsoft player will take in the upcoming battles. Most airsoft guns are based on real military weaponry and must be cared for and transported in a similar fashion to their lethal counterparts. Safe transport of airsoft weaponry is crucial to avoiding damage to your gear and unfortunate misunderstandings with the general public.


1. Remove all ammunition and any gas canisters from your airsoft gun. Ammo may be stored in packages or bags inside of your case, but must not be in the gun during transport. Gas canisters must be safely stored away from heat and may never be carried on commercial airlines.

2. Set the safety of the gun. All guns larger than airsoft pistols should have safety settings, and smaller ones often have these as a precaution against accidental firing.

3. Place the gun into your container. The container must have hard sides, a padded interior, and a lock slot if you intend to take the gun on airlines or railways in the United States. This also makes an excellent case for road trips.

4. Lock the case securely with a combination lock. Provide the combination to any security officials who may be inspecting your bags. All firearms, even pellet guns, must be declared at Transportation and Security Administration checkpoints and the combination provided to these authorities. Guns must be securely locked for transport as checked baggage on airlines or railways and may not be carried onto the plane, even unloaded.

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5. Label your case with your name and address. Purchase custom “dog tags” for this purpose or use hard luggage tags. This is essential for long trips with air or rail segments as they will help with identification should your case be misplaced by baggage handlers.