Trap Shooting Events In Minnesota

Trap shooting events provide entertainment for all ages.

Trap shooting comprises three different competitive forms: clay pigeon shooting, skeet shooting and sporting clays. The Minnesota Trapshooting Association sanctions events throughout the state for people of all ages and skill levels. Trap shooting events in Minnesota consist of events for kids, events for specific age groups, events at which residents and non-residents can showcase their abilities and events for the collegiate student athlete.

Trap Shooting for Kids

The Buffalo, Minnesota, Gun Club hosts the annual Youth Trapshooting event. This two-day event features a team championship as well as individual awards. The team championship offers children the opportunity to shoot 100 targets at 16 yards. First- and second-place teams receive awards. Another event offered to kids, the American Trap Shooting Association Multiple Target Event, consists of singles and doubles. All registered events require American Trap Shooting Association membership.

The Winter Marathon Events are monthly tournaments for individuals, handicap and doubles. The events offer 10 targets to be shot and are sponsored by the Buffalo Gun Club and the American Trap Shooting Association.

The Youth Education and Fun Day offers kids the opportunity to learn proper techniques of shooting as well as safety aspects of the sport. Activities include game tracking, pellet gun station, Minnesota raptor center and trap shooting.

Age-Based Trap Shooting Events

The Cedar Valley Vigilantes, a nonprofit Cowboy Action Shooting Club based in Morristown, Minnesota, sponsors Gunsmoke. Also sponsored by the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS), Gunsmoke breaks down classes based on ages, with rounds scored based on total time in each event. The age groups consist of Buckaroos (12–13), Young Guns (14–16), Cowboys/Cowgirls (17–35), Wranglers (36–48), 49’ers (49–59), Seniors (60–64), Silver Seniors (65–69), Elder Statesmen (70+) and Grand Dames (70+). Gunsmoke requires a current SASS membership.

Trap Shooting Event for Residents and Non-Residents

The Minnesota State Trapshooting Tournament provides residents and non-residents the opportunity to compete in Minnesota’s oldest trap shooting tournament. Activities include silent auctions, with proceeds going to statewide youth programs; age-based divisional events; free meals for participants as well as families and networking opportunities with other members of the trap shooting community. As of January 2011, prize totals equaled $25,000.

Trap Shooting Events for Collegiate Athletes

College student athletes have opportunities to compete in multiple trap shooting events while attending school. Students at Division 1 colleges and universities compete in National Rifle Association-sanctioned events, including NRA Action Shooting Championships, Silhouette Championships and Collegiate Rifle Club Championships. Other events for college students include intramural/recreation programs, NCAA Rifle Championships and the Association of College Unions International Intercollegiate Clay Target Championships.