Troubleshoot A Paintball Co2 Tank

Does the CO2 supply for your paintball gun seem to vanish quickly? Can you hear gas escaping from your gun, but you’re not even engaged in shooting competitions yet? Learn to troubleshoot the problems that occur with a paintball gun CO2 tank and you can save yourself time and money.


1. Clean your gun. Make sure none of it is dirty or coated with paint, which could cause internal parts to stick open and produce a leak.

2. Find the leak. If the leak starts as soon as the tank is screwed on or the gun has no propellant pressure once the tank is in place, the problem is a burst disk. You need to replace it. Unscrew the burst disk cap on the side of the tank, pull the old burst disk out, slide a new one in place, and then screw the burst disk cap back on.

3. If the burst disk is not the problem and the propellant is making a hissing noise when the tank is in place, check the O-ring.

4. Remove the tank from the gun and remove the O-ring. Inspect the O-ring for cuts, cracks, wear, or distortion. If any are present, the O-ring needs to be replaced.

5. Inspect the CO2 tank valve and make sure you do not hear or feel any propellant escaping. If CO2 is leaking from the valve, proceed to next the troubleshooting step.

6. Once you determine that the valve is leaking, use a small screwdriver and slightly depress the valve to remove any dirt causing it to stick. If the problem persists, have a professional take a look.

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