Troubleshoot A Raptor Paintball

Paintball guns need to work properly in order to compete in a game.

Paintball is a high-intensity, combat-style sport played with gas-powered guns that shoot plastic, paint-filled balls. The game mimics a military combat environment, and is generally played among several teams on private land. As with all weapons, periodic mechanical problems may arise with Brass Eagle Raptor paintball guns. Learning troubleshoot your Raptor paintball gun will ensure that you know fix a problem if your weapon fails to perform while in the field or during practice.


1. Check to ensure that the gas cylinder is secured properly in the housing. Improperly installed gas cylinders will cause the weapon to fire poorly or not fire at all.

2. Check the battery for correct installation and connection. Note that batteries are equipped only on some Raptor paintball guns.

3. Inspect the safety mechanism and power switch. If the weapon is on the “safe” setting, then the weapon cannot be fired. Additionally, if the weapon marker isn’t in the “on” position, the weapon will not operate.

4. Check the hopper and feed tube to ensure that no ammunition is stuck and blocking the feed. Sometimes two or more paintballs can feed into the chamber from the hopper and jam the feeding process. Place the weapon on safe. Remove the hopper and clear the obstruction.

5. Inspect the barrel and check to ensure that its secured properly. A loose or faulty barrel can cause poor range and accuracy.

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