Troubleshoot A Tippmann A5

Paintball is played in numerous clubs and organizations all over the U.S.

Paintball is a rigorous pastime that might also teach combat skills. Tippmann produces a variety of paintball guns, including the A5. Troubleshooting is a skill that must be learned in order to correct problems during a game. Common issues include jamming, trigger malfunctions, battery connection problems and CO2 connection problems.


1. Check the battery power-level if the weapon is operating slowly. The battery may need replacement.

2. Inspect the battery connection. The gun will not respond when pulling the trigger if the connection is poor.

3. Check to ensure that your air supply is hooked up correctly at the marker. Turn the gun off. Disconnect and reconnect the air supply.

4. Check the firing mode. The mode may be set to “No operation.” Turn the mode adjustment screw to “Position 1.”

5. Inspect the gun to ensure that the internal wires are connected. Unscrew the air supply. Remove the lower receiver and the left grip portion. Inspect and reconnect any disconnected wires. Ensure that no wires are compressed or crimped.

6. Clear the hopper and look for any jams in the intake hole. Clear the jams and try the weapon again.

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