Troubleshoot The Proto Slg

Dye Precision’s Proto SLG is a semi-automatic paintball marker suitable for casual and tournament use. The ultralight SLG features Proto’s patented Spool Valve Technology to operate at a consistently lower pressure than other markers. Running on 145 p.s.i., the SLG can deliver up to 1,500 shots per air tank. The maximum fire rate is 30 balls per second. It has a self-lubricating Force Button to reset the bolt in case of jams and an orbital rotating sear for less wear and longer life. The barrel of the Proto SLG is 12 inches long and total weight of the marker is 2.2 pounds.


Air Leaks

1. Check the O-ring on the air tank and replace if necessary.

2. Remove the hose from the hose connector and tighten the connector inside with a 3/16-inch allen wrench.

3. Verify that the end of the air hose is cut straight and not worn ragged. If necessary, remove the air hose from its fitting and trim the end straight. Reinsert the hose in the fitting.

4. Replace the #010 O-ring and the seat on the brass retainer inside the regulator to repair leaks on the bottom of the regulator.

5. Replace the #012 O-ring on the outside of the regulator cap to repair leaks on the top of the regulator.

6. Replace the two #013 O-rings under the swivel piece or tighten the hose connector to repair leaks originating from the swivel piece.

7. Replace the #011 O-ring on top of the regulator cap to repair leaks coming from the air source adapter. Apply a small amount of lubrication to the O-ring.

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8. Pressurize the SLG without the frame attached to locate the source of leaks between the body and the frame.

9. Make sure the bolt kit is tightened securely if leaks are coming from the back of the SLG. If necessary, remove the bolt kit and replace the #020 O-ring on the back of the bolt, the #012 O-ring on the plunger and the two #005 O-rings on the bleed button.

10. Remove the bolt kit and replace the #016 O-ring on the bolt and the #014 O-ring on the plunger to repair leaks from the front of the SLG. Verify that the bolt is screwed together securely.

Electronic Problems

11. Make sure the battery is charged if the SLG won’t turn on. Also make sure the battery is connected to the 9-volt clip and that the 9-volt harness is connected to the circuit board.

12. Remove the grip panel on the left side and remove the circuit board if the SLG and/or the anti-chop eyes are turning on or off by themselves. Remove the two control buttons from the board and clean thoroughly. Reinstall the buttons and board and test.

13. Change the battery if the anti-chop eyes begin failing. If necessary, clean the anti-chop eyes. Make sure the eye wire is connected to the control board with the metal clips facing down.

14. Check the trigger adjustment and make sure it is actuating the microswitch if the solenoid is not operating. Make sure the solenoid wire is connected to the blue female connector on the board.

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15. Increase the trigger sensitivity if the SLG is shooting more than one paintball per trigger pull. Make sure that the trigger pull is adjusted to the proper length and verify that the trigger spring is in place.

Velocity/Firing Problems

16. Make sure the battery is charged if the SLG fires but paintballs don’t come out the barrel. Determine that the bolt moves freely and the the airport screw is adjusted correctly. Verify that the bumper O-ring on the front is not blocking the inlet hole on the back of the bolt.

17.Press the bleed button on the back of the bolt and listen to verify that the bolt is moving freely. If it is not, depressurize the SLG, remove the bolt and lubricate. Reinstall the bolt and test.

18. Change the seat in the regulator if your first shots are always too high.

19. Make sure you are using the correct size paintballs if velocity is inconsistent. Remove the bolt and lubricate or change any suspect O-rings. Obtain a regulator test tool and check the regulator pressure. Change any worn-out or defective O-rings in the regulator if pressure readings are inconsistent.

Feeding And Breaking Issues

20. Make sure the ball detents aren’t stuck down if two balls are shot at once. Check the ball detents to see if they are excessively worn.

21. Evaluate the quality of your paintballs if they break inside the gun when fired. Also check the #014 O-ring on the bolt tip and verify that it’s properly installed.

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22. Verify that the anti-chop eyes are clean and that the loader can handle the set rate of fire. Lower the rate of fire setting if necessary.

23. Verify that the proper size barrel is installed.