Troubleshooting A Tippmann X7

If you participate in paintball, you may be familiar with Tippmann, a maker of products for paintball games. The Tippmann X7 is a paintball gun that is used for the sport. When your Tippmann X7 shows signs of misfiring or is not working properly, it needs troubleshooting. Common areas to check are the hose, CO2 cartridge and the ammunition chamber. Once you’ve checked the gun, get back out on the course and enjoy a competitive paintball battle.


1. Empty the ammunition chamber of all paintballs. Point the gun in a safe direction and dry fire the gun to clear out all remaining gas from the chamber and cartridge. Take the barrel safety sleeve (included with your Tippmann X7) and slide it over the barrel as a safety precaution prior to starting the troubleshooting process.

2. Remove the hose attachment under the trigger guard and handle. Blow into the hose to clear out any excess accumulation of moisture or residue that may be blocking the compressed gas from shooting the paintballs. Plug the hose back in.

3. Insert the Tippmann X7 take-down tool into the Cyclone housing bolt on the outer left side of the gun. Unscrew and pull out the bolt. Open the paintball ammunition chamber and tip the gun so the paintballs fall out of the chamber. Dry fire two or three times, refill the ammunition chamber and replace the Cyclone bolt.

4. Check the ball latch on the top rear of the Tippmann X7. This is a small piece the locks a paintball in place when it is chambered and ready to fire. Make sure the latch is flush with the chamber.

5. Turn the barrel cylinder three-quarters of a rotation counterclockwise and remove it from the gun. Turn it upside down and remove the CO2 cartridge. Insert a new cartridge and push the cylinder back onto the X7.