Troubleshooting An Aftermath Lycaon Full Auto Airsoft Rifle

Gun with inserted magazine

Aftermath Airsoft is quickly becoming one of the most popular manufacturers of full auto airsoft guns in the United States. Its version of the Mp5-J, the Lycaon, is a very dependable weapon. However, like all airsoft guns, it isn’t immune to breaking or performance issues.


Troubleshooting the Lycaon

1. Charge the battery. While this may sound silly, the batteries that come with the gun are usually of rather poor quality and are dead when they arrive from the factory. Putting a fresh charge might make all the difference, as trying to fire the weapon with a half-charged or dead battery will only strip the gears and the weapon still won’t fire.

2. Fill the magazine to capacity. While low-capacity magazines are purely spring driven, the hi-cap version that ships with the Lycaon requires a fair amount of spring tension to feed correctly. This means that the last few BBs in the mag won’t fire because they don’t have enough force behind them to drive them into the receiver. This is easily solved by refilling the magazine to its capacity and then trying again.

3. Adjust the hop up. While the hop up should be set correctly from the factory, there are occasions when the adjustment lever gets bumped in transit or on the field. The Lycaon’s hop up is also very close to the battery cover, so it’s also possible to bump it by accident when changing the battery. Simply reset it so that the BBs are flying in as flat an arc as possible to correct any possible issues.

4. Clean and lubricate the gun. Even an out-of-the-factory airsoft can get dirty. The Lycaon has a number of nooks and crannies in the body that can allow for dirt and other particles to get trapped inside, which causes issues with the gun’s internals. To avoid this problem, simply strip the weapon and then clean and lubricate the internals. Reassemble the gun. This usually makes a tremendous difference in performance.

5. Take the weapon to a specialist or manufacturer-approved service center. There are many airsoft technicians scattered across the United States, and finding one in your area or a short distance away shouldn’t be too difficult. If the previous steps don’t seem to resolve the issues with your weapon, sending it to someone with a little more expertise is highly advisable.