Tune A Tippmann X7 Velocity

Tippmann recommends setting your velocity to 300-feet per second or less.

Every time you use your Tippmann X7 paintball gun, it’s recommended that you test and tune the velocity to make sure it’s set to a safe level. Having the velocity set too high can cause serious injury and other unsavory problems such as paintballs bursting inside the barrel of your gun. Likewise, a velocity setting that is too low may cause the paintballs to bounce off their target, as opposed to breaking upon impact. Fine-tuning the velocity of your Tippmann X7 only takes a few minutes.


1. Switch on your Tippmann X7’s safety.

2. Cock the marker back until it locks into place and screw a full air supply cylinder into your gun’s air supply adapter, turning the tank until it won’t turn anymore.

3. Load two or three paintballs into the Tippmann X7’s paintball hopper, switch off the safety and fire a few shots, measuring the velocity using a chronograph–a device used to measure the speed of a flying object.

4. Hold or lay your Tippmann X7 so the right side is facing you.

5. Turn the velocity adjustment screw located above the feeder manual advance lever using a 3/16-inch Allen wrench, turning the screw clockwise to lower the velocity and counterclockwise to increase it.

6. Continue tweaking the velocity as needed in accordance with the chronograph until you’re satisfied with the results. Tippmann recommends setting your velocity to 300 feet per second.

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