Type Inverted Text In Ms Word

Type Inverted Text in MS Word

Creating a document in Microsoft Word can be as easy as typing. Formatting the document to make it suit your purposes can be more difficult, especially if the program doesn’t have a tool designed for your purpose. Creating inverted, or upside-down, text is one of those purposes. You can still create text upside-down, for putting answers on puzzles and worksheet, for instance, but it takes a few extra steps.


1. Open your document in Microsoft Word.

2. Type the text you want to invert. Make sure it is exactly as you want it to appear because you will not be able to edit it once you have copied and pasted it.

3. Select the text you want to invert.

4. Copy the text by pressing “Control” and “c” at the same time, or by right-clicking on the highlighted text and choosing “Copy” from the menu that appears.

Use the “Copy” function instead of the “Cut” function because it will leave the original text as text. The text you invert will be treated as a picture. If you have a problem with the inverted text you can start over without re-typing the text.

5. Select the “Home” tab from the top left side of the window.

6. Click on “Paste” and then “Paste Special” from the drop-down menu that appears.

7. Choose either of the two “Picture” options from the “Paste as:” section of the pop-up window. The “Enhanced Metafile” option may give better results than the “Windows Metafile” option. Click “OK.”

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8. Select the text you just pasted. It should appear in the selection as a picture, in a box made up of lines and smaller boxes, rather than highlighted as text would be.

9. Click on the “Page Layout” tab at the top of the window.

10. Click on the “Rotate” menu at the right end of the row of options.

11. Select “Flip Horizontal” and then “Flip Vertical.”