Types Of Gun Scopes

Gun scopes can increase or decrease your field of vision.

Gun scopes can greatly improve your shooting accuracy whether you are hunting, target shooting, playing paintball, or working in law enforcement. Gun scopes work by magnifying your target or providing a marker on your target to show where your shot will hit. They can open up your field of view or diminish it, based on your needs.

Telescopic Scope

The telescopic scope magnifies your target and is the standard scope for air rifle hunting, recreational target shooting, and infantry work. These scopes can easily be added to any weapon. You can choose different levels of magnification. While some scopes, such as a 4x scope, only offer you one magnification (the view is magnified by four), others offer a range of magnifications. If a scope has a 3-9 rating, it can magnify objects 3x, 4x, and so on, all the way to a 9x magnification. You also have choices in the size of your telescopic lens. The bigger your lens, the wider your field of vision will be. This broadened view helps to track a target. The drawback of a large lens is that it’s bulky to carry. While lenses come in sizes as large as 56 mm in diameter, the standard lens size is 32 to 40 mm.

Reflex Sight Rifle Scopes

Instead of magnifying your target for a better shot, reflex sight rifle scopes put a visible mark on the target to show where the bullet will hit when you fire your weapon. This allows for more accurate aim. Law enforcement uses such scopes in low-vision situations such as nighttime. Reflex sight scopes work well for short-range shooting such as hunting small rodents in barns and playing close-range paintball. Red dot and laser scopes are reflex sight rifle scopes. Some weapons allow a reflex scope to be placed on top of a telescopic scope to give you both magnification and a marker.

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Diopter Sight Rifle Scopes

Diopter sight rifle scopes are favored among target shooters. Operating on a pin hole principle, this scope minimizes your field of view so you can only see your target and exactly where your shot will hit. Because your field of view is so drastically reduced, this scope is not useful for hunting or combat.