Types Of Laser Tag Games

Points are scored by hitting your opponent’s targets on their vest.

Laser tag, like paintball, includes many variations on the basic game. Some laser-tag facilities give players the option of playing in many different format games. Variations involve rule changes and physical differences to the game. For most games, enough people must agree to play in the same format for the facility to host a particular variation.

Team Games

Many laser-tag games involve teams of participants competing against each other. In one common variation, each team has a base. Competitors get points for tagging the base of the opposition or for scoring shots on their opponents. Other team games include capture the flag. In this game, players try to carry the opponent’s flag back to their own base without getting tagged by an opponent along the way.

Solo Games

Many laser tag games are solo games. Solo games are easier to organize because people don’t need to be placed on teams. They may also be better for beginners as there is none of the strategy associated with team games. Instead, players simply mill about and get points for scoring on other players. Other games have players face elimination after being tagged a certain number of times. In some one-on-one group games, you might be paired with another player and only get points for tagging your opposite player.

Bonus Games

A number of different laser-tag games grant bonuses to players upon tagging certain targets or reaching certain goals. These might include only one type of bonus or might incorporate several different bonuses to be earned, for example, after tagging three opponents in a row. Examples of bonuses include invulnerability, rapid fire, extra shots or bonus points where you receive more points for attaining your goals in the game.

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Prop Games

Some games of laser tag incorporate additional props or tools to add something to the game. In one example, the game incorporates “mines” that go off at random intervals and score hits on anyone who gets caught in the crossfire. In another, fog is added to the field to make it harder to spot opponents that are in the game.