Types Of Paint Gun Weapons

Types of Paint Gun Weapons

Paintball combat, whether in the speedball or woodsball format, is a popular recreational activity. Paintball guns have come a long way in recent years, and a wide variety of additional weapons have joined the available arsenal. This makes the paintball field a complex and varied gaming environment, with myriad tactical problems to solve.


Pistols are arguably the original paintball weapons. Powered by the outmoded 12 g powerlet cartridges, they usually can fire only 30 or 40 shots, and have poor range.

Long Guns

Paintball guns cannot be called “rifles” because they are smoothbores. The long guns still have improved range, use large and refillable CO2 bottles, and big hoppers with plenty of balls.


Both smoke and paint grenades are popular on the field. Most paint grenades are akin to simple water balloons, but some are sophisticated and have fuses and small explosive charges.

CO2 Cannons, and Grenade and Rocket Launchers

Paintball heavy weapons such as cannons, and grenade and rocket launchers are usually homemade, although some are store-bought. They frequently use the same technology as spud guns.

Paintball Tanks

It has become common to retrofit ATVs, golf carts and the like with wood, fiberglass or plastic plates, arm them with paintball weapons and turn them into “paintball weapons.” These add a whole new dimension to a paintball game, but the rules governing their use vary widely.

Paintball Mines

There are a number of models for both homemade and store-bought paint mines. These come in tripwire, pressure-trigger and command-detonated varieties.