Upgrade A Well R7 Airsoft Gun

The airsoft-brand Well R7 is a replica of an M4 assault rifle, although no gunpowder is used to shoot its projectiles. The construction of the R7 allows for replacing external components without having to take the rifle apart — saving time and avoiding the risk of damage. You can upgrade the capabilities of the R7 by replacing the sighting scope with an adjustable laser scope that will indicate the “kill” zone with a beam of laser light. The scope can be acquired from a hobby shop and does not require any tools in order to be added to the R7.


1. Remove the magazine clip from the bottom of the R7, first having pressed down on the magazine clip release lever to the side of the clip. Pull the cocking action plate at the top of the rifle back to release any ammo that might be in the firing chamber. Remove the ammo, if there is any, from the rifle.

2. Grip the set screws on one side of the sighting scope with the jaws of pliers. Twist the set screws counterclockwise to loosen them. Unscrew the screws with your fingers. Slide the slighting scope off the front of the barrel.

3. Open the battery compartment lid on the adjustable laser scope. Insert fresh batteries so that the contacts line up with the text labeled on the inside of the compartment. Close the lid.

4. Loosen the set screws on the side of the adjustable laser scope. Slide the laser scope on the front of the rifle so that it occupies the position that the original scope did. Tighten the screws with your fingers. Further tighten the screws with the pliers.

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5. Go outside. Aim the rifle at a tree or bush that is at least 10 feet or more away from you. Hold the rifle up to your eyes and look through the scope. Press the button on the scope to illuminate your “target” with the laser dot. Twist the knobs on the scope to align the cross hairs that you are looking through with the dot so that the dot is in the center (“bull’s-eye”) of the cross hairs. Turn the laser off. Return the magazine clip to the bottom of the R7.